Technology & Innovation Centre
University of Strathclyde
Monday 24 – Tuesday 25 June 2024

Scope of the Workshop:

Future development of Wireless Communication Systems is materially bound to the success and growth of modern economies. The UK Government has identified telecoms as one of the 5 key strategic areas of national importance, leading to major investments from DCMS, DSIT and UKRI in future telecoms. As a follow -on, through inter-Academy collaboration, this Workshop is aimed promoting international cooperation on 6G, to ensure that future wireless systems are open, interoperable, scalable, and more importantly sustainable and universally accessible.

To track current trends and address emerging directions a Workshop is proposed that will bring together decision makers, thought leaders, keynote academics, and influential industrialists. who will debate and discuss critical issues in the development of next generation of wireless systems, address present day concerns, propose effective solutions and explore international collaboration. Selected Early Career Researchers will be invited to participate, thus ensuring a diffusion of knowledge and experience.

With experts from the UK, US, Canada and more, the proposed Workshop offers a unique opportunity for international collaboration.

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